About Us

Welcome to Libertine Brewing Company – where our journey through the world of craft beer began in 2012, setting a new standard for the Central Coast's beer scene.


History of Libertine Brewing Company

Libertine Pub was founded in 2012 on the premise of bringing the best beer selection to the Central Coast, while brewing unique beers and products to compliment. Our Wild Ales spend their first night of existence in an open-top coolship. This process allows the local wild yeasts of our area to naturally start the fermentation process. Relying on our environment gives our beers a true Central Coast Terroir. Our original facility in Morro Bay utilized hot lava rocks and true spontaneous fermentation to produce a truly one of a kind Wild Ale. As our fan base grew, so did our desire to grow and share our product with the world. In the summer of 2015, we secured a property at 1234 Broad Street in San Luis Obispo. There we installed our new (at least new to us) 15 BBL copper Pub system and this was also the birth of Libertine Brewing Company. On February 15 th , 2017 we shifted gears and opened our new restaurant and coffee bar in the Broad Street location. On any given day you can find many of your favorite Libertine beers as well as 56 more taps featuring our favorite craft brewers and local wines. Here we also focus on delicious urban pub fare and true to form hand crafted coffees. Obviously being short on space we moved our aging and packaging to Santa Maria. We still brew at Broad Street but ship the wort to Santa Maria for aging, blending and packaging. In keeping with our vibe and passion for the ocean we decided to expand once again. The primary focus being our own Wild Ales, music and of course….the beach!

Our Team Is Out of This World

Trenton Dusablon

General Manager


Greg Roeder

Head Brewer


Jordan Bender

Brew Master


Reese Baughman

Coffee Shop Manager


Contact us

We're all about collaboration, featuring craft beers from our favorite breweries alongside our own creations. Whether you're a fellow beer enthusiast, a fan of coastal vibes, or someone interested in reaching out, we're excited to connect with you. Cheers to exploring the world of Libertine Brewing!

1234 Broad St, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
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